Surface-Level Appreciation (Poem)

Creative Writing 6 (Free Verse)


2017-06-20 01.25.31 1.jpg

The tranquil blue softens our mind to mirror it’s apparent kindness—letting us form a closer acquaintanceship with each wave that folds towards our skin.

It is foreign, it is a deep, dark unknown that rolls to our feet and gives surface-level company.

The salt climbs our skin and crystallizes the infections of our recent wounds—we are healed by the graceful touch of something we can never fully know.

And we stand there, bathing in it’s radiating warmth, expecting the sea to give us what we came for.

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Lipogram (Poem)

Creative Writing 5 


Sitting by a sandy city’s bistro

at a spot of lunch not long past,

words crumbling from damp mouths

drop strings of stubborn thoughts

as if months of things said had not said truth.

a lack of touch implying an unwant of carrying on

clogs his throat with a swallow of a burning mint drink.

words said burnt through as hot mint slid, burning down his throat.


Standing, an instant changing

with a flip of a long, midnight braid stomping away

from a usual lunchstand and pair of chairs.

a crowd sounds as if it was lulling and numb

nothing was auditory but a sound of solid boots

clunking away on a sandy city’s rock path.

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