Who Am I?


I am an aspiring travelling journalist that is kick starting her career with a blog. Most things about the world intrigue me—I often wonder about the physics or basic reasoning behind things that I see. I am currently a lowly college student double majoring in Environmental Science and Writing. 
My inspirations are fueled by numerous cappuccinos, a never-ending, wondering mind, and an imminent need to know why things are the way they are. 

On this blog, you will find three areas of expertise:

  • Creative Writings: where I have published some of my creative, written works, and
  • Photography: where I have published a gallery of photographs I have taken, and finally 
  • Questions: where I expand on both our natural and social world’s happenstances with wit, creativity and researched answers when possible. Do you have a crazy question about why something is the way it is? Contact me! 

Enjoy, to the fullest extent that you can, and thank you for visiting my page!