A Tyranny of Rain (Poem)

Creative Writing 4 (Free Verse)


Like an endless, gunmetal sky, my attraction deeply brews—

dark and roaring—my heart billows like black clouds rising

and you pull me as each raindrop desires to fall

to flood the ground in a fire of force that forever changes all that it touches

rain opens the earth, pounding infinite holes in its foundation  

and the soil accepts the intrusive tyrannies, because after war comes life

the beauty of the rain, and of the storm, and you

plucked all doubts and smoothed and washed away the fear

I had about whether or not I would be left alone and untouched

just feeling the most tender nourishment that cannot be savored  

to experience depressions being infiltrated with your thundering gazes

but the storm pounded like the entire sky was mourning

and the earth swelled with water burying all life further down into the ground

waters still rage to form an evergoing, foul river that I cannot escape

I drown in my own rains because my pitiful humanity cannot cease their flooding

oh, if I could only suffocate the fools of my heart in these waters

I would choose to stop pulling towards you


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